CTG, The abbreviation for Convenient To Go

CTG is building an innovative blockchain structure without requirement of permit to satisfy the global commercial standard and find a unique solution on blockchain’s extensibility. The solution is designed to expand the boundary limit of blockchain usability, construct a decentralized application platform supporting multi industries (including tourism, finance, IOT, social media, supply chain, etc.) and guarantee to prevent its security and distribution from destroying.

Development Schedule of the Promotion and Cooperation of CTG Digital Asset

Our Team Members

Our core team members are experts from various industries, including finance, big data, investment, marketing, blockchain, software engineering, tourism ecology, enterprise planning, etc.

Core Team Members

James Chen, CEO Min Chen, CEO

Master of Management from Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
Researcher on combination of blockchain application and digital asset;
Established Malaysia ZHT Corp in 2016;
Committed to the resource complementarity of tourism industry in Malaysia and China as well as focused on relevant development and services;
Has more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and enterprise management;
Has faith in digital time: the revolution of blockchain will change the destiny of many people.

Allen Yuan, COO Bo Yuan, COO

One of the investors in domestic blockchain industry;
Researcher on the development of blockchain;
Established Longsheng Network in 2002 as well as focused on sales, business expansion and strategic planning for enterprise development;
Involved in the investment of digital asset as well as the operation of digital currency mining in 2013;
Established Giant Mining China in 2017;
Strategic Advisor of many mining companies.

Stella Ni, CFO Stella Ni, CFO

Financial expert;
Master of Management;
Has 10 years of experience in investment and management of Asian tourism;
Has unique understanding of current status and trend of Asian tourism;
Researcher on combination of blockchain and tourism as well as digital asset and new-era economy.

Robert Chu, CAO Hua Tu, CMO

Master of Management;
Marketing and management expert in Internet and large enterprises;
Former vice president of JINRI.CN and JINTONG.NET;
Former HR director of WITHWHEAT and MCake;
Has more than 13 years of experience in HR management and brand marketing.

Tony Park, CTO YF Piao, CTO

Doctor of Computer Science from engineering school of Kyungpook National University;
Participated in the project of the encryption system developed by KAIST and University of Michigan;
Constructed many global financial transaction platforms;
Has more than 15 years of experience in network engineering;
Good at building high concurrent application;
Researcher of blockchain technology since 2010;
Committed to research and development of blockchain technology.

Advisory Group